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Digital Running Club » Uncategorized » We’re looking for the next great Running Columnist!

We’re looking for the next great Running Columnist!

So you think you can WRITE?

Are you the next Running Idol?

Do you have the blogger X-factor?

Okay, enough cheap references to reality TV shows that will probably sue us next week. We’re looking for a new columnist for and we decided it would be fun to find that person through our first contest.

What we’re looking for:

Our ideal columnist is one who is interesting, funny and a good storyteller. You’ll be writing about your running experiences twice per month and you must keep your audience interested. You do not need to be an expert in anything. We’re looking for someone with whom the audience can identify on a personal level.

What the winner gets:

Their own bi-monthly column on,a fancy-schmancy bio on our About Us page, and 1 year of running coaching from Coach Brian. Sure, it’s not $1,000,000 or a record contract, but we won’t require you to leave your family for a year to tour while living out of an RV either.

How it works:

Round One: Fill out the form below to enter the contest. Our esteemed judges will select finalists who will go on to Round Two, the “Write-Off” phase of the competition.

Round Two: Each week, a new topic will be given to the remaining contestants and they will have 5 days to write a 600-1200 word column about the given topic. The columns will be published simultaneously, and readers will vote for their favorites. At the end of the voting period, the contestant with the fewest votes will be eliminated from the competition.

Sorry! The application period for this contest has ended. We’ll announce the finalists soon!

Fine print: Contest Finalists will be contacted using the information provided in the form. Finalists must submit a column by the deadline every week until the contest is completed. Failure to submit a column by the deadline is grounds for dismissal from the contest. The winner will become a columnist on for one year. The winner must submit 2 columns each month before the editor’s designated deadlines. The staff of and Red Sixes, Inc. reserve the right to terminate the winner and/or remove anyone from the contest at any time for any reason including but not limited to: failure to meet deadlines, inappropriate personal conduct, and disparaging or sponsors in any way. By submitting your application to the contest, you certify that all content submitted to the editors of during and following the contest is original content created by you, has not and will not be published anywhere else. You agree that all content submitted during and after the contest becomes the property of the Digital Running Club and its parent company, Red Sixes, Inc.

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