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Next Great Running Columnist: Round One

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The next great running columnist competition gets underway today as our finalists tell us about their most bizarre running experiences, but…

Here comes the twist:
Any reality show worth its salt has a twist to thicken the plot. So, we’ve thrown in a 6th Contestant!

Meet Kathy
Kathy is a beginning runner with a few false starts and is learning to run consistently. She ran her first 10k last year, but switched to cycling after the 10k race. She has decided to try to running again after successfully completing a half marathon earlier this year. She is currently training for two half marathons this summer and a full marathon in the fall. Her main goal is to finish them comfortably, without injury, and if she sets a personal record that would be great too. When she’s not training, she on the road as part of her job in sales.

Now, read stories from the 5 6 Finalists!

(Can’t remember who’s who? Read about the Finalists here.)

Remember to VOTE for your favorites and help them on the road to becoming Digital Running’s next running columnist. You can vote by clicking the Facebook “like” button above or below your favorite stories. You’ll only get one vote per story, but you can help your favorite writer by sharing the stories with your friends and urging them to vote as well.

Voting for this round will close on Sunday at Noon EST. The two contestants with the fewest “likes” at that time will be eliminated from the competition. Good luck to all of our finalists!

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