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Rebecca: Round 2 – Temperature

Image by Wendy Darrow, age 13

Had you told me that come July, I’d be wishing it were January again, I would have laughed. Seriously, as anyone who lives in Michigan knows, the winters are long. I mean loooonnnggggg. I couldn’t have anticipated the near 100-degree weather we’d be having in July though.

Let’s talk about the winters. The cold, in my opinion, is much easier to deal with than the heat, but the downside is the snow and ice. I know, there are a few winter outdoor runners but even they keep it to snow-less and sunny days. Me, I’ve run through it all. It was another situation where I needed to prove myself, as if running in near single digits, 6 inches of snow and ice would make me a warrior. Stupid much?

By February, I was mentally exhausted. My runs ended up being more high-knee drills instead of graceful strides and lemme tell ya, those bad boys are energy draining! It took me several tries to figure out what my perfect combination of clothes and gear was, and yet I still ended up disrobing along the way and feeling like a pack mule between items of clothes and my Camelback!

So there I am last Sunday, preparing for my long run, 7 miles, in near 90-degree heat with insane humidity. Moisture wicking bra, tank, shorts and socks. God knows I made that mistake once with cotton socks and never again. So out I head with plenty of sunscreen on, a visor and sunglasses on my head and a water bottle in hand.

I take it easy the first 2 miles, but begin to feel my chub rubbing and even though I brought my $5 mini-Body Glide with me, I opt to use the condensation dripping from my bottle instead. I didn’t want to stop and wiping the condensation off with my hands and then rubbing the inside of my thigh seemed much more efficient then stopping and applying the Glide. Only as I pass the police station do I think of how inappropriate it must look.

By mile 3, my shirt is so soaked, it feels like I just yanked it out of the washer, and contemplate just running in my sports bra, but a) it’s flesh colored so it would appear that I’m running nude on top and b) I am no abs model. I don’t know if anyone’s ready to handle this?!

Mile 4, I pop a BeeStinger but it’s too fruity and contemplate sucking on the ends of my pony tail. I swear, I am not that person you saw on Hoarders! I made the mistake of not using the correct pony tail holder so now my pony tail is hanging limp on my back and the tips are soaked with sweat. Sweet, sweet sweat. Who needs salt tablets when you can suck on your pony tail or lick your arm?!

Mile 5, I contemplate sitting in a mud puddle, it’s that hot. I’m completely uncomfortable although thankfully I don’t feel the chub rub anymore but I’m hot. I’m beginning to contemplate whether today is the day, where I take my inaugural ice bath.

Mile 6, I start worrying about my phone dying. I left the house without it fully charged and since I stream Pandora and use RunKeeper simultaneously, it eats the battery like nobody’s business. I shut off Pandora, switch to my iPod only to realize that despite my best efforts, this thing is constantly on shuffle mode and I can’t figure out how to make it stop.

Frustrated by the fact that I’m only listening to 30 seconds of every song, I switch over to the RunKeeper screen so that I can track the final mileage before this thing shuts

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Rebecca is not a natural born runner, and has not been doing it forever. She started running 5 years ago, when an acquaintance suggested doing the Detroit Free Press Marathon together. She naively agreed and ended up injured and burnt-out without a finishers medal! After several bouts of injuries, she became serious about running injury-free and preventing burn-out. Last January she started slowly with the C25K and ran her first half-marathon this past February.

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