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Kale Avocado Salad

Last week, I talked about powering up your performance with greens. Here’s an easy salad that will do just that!

4-6 leaves of Locinato kale
1 avocado
Olive oil
Sea salt
Optional: sesame seeds and/or walnuts (or your favorite nuts)

Slice the Locinato kale into inch thick slices and place into a bowl. Slice half of your avocado on top and liberally douse with olive oil and then lemon and then add a little sea salt. With your hands mix and need the ingredients to break up the fibers of the kale. Drizzle tahini on top and stir. Slice the remaining ½ of avocado and place on top and then top with sesame seeds or your favorite nuts.

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Katherine Pennington is a diet and lifestyle coach, writer, and founder of Be in Balance, which helps women and men lose weight, reduce stress and achieve more balance in their lives. Katherine is also an avid runner and marathoner and also advises athletes on how to fuel for maximum performance and health.

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