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Rebecca: Final Round – Thanks for the Memories

Sure, running is great for your heart, lungs and mental health, but running is more than just good for your healthy. Many see it as simply hitting the pavement, and accruing miles. For me, running has transformed my life.

In the past year, running has…

1. Helped me through my dad’s injury in Afghanistan:
Looking back to the week of May 10th, I sometimes forget it’s only been a year since that fateful midnight call from the Army. What I thought was the longest week of my life, slowly turned into an even longer summer of emergencies, surgeries and rehabilitation. Never knowing if my hotel would have a gym, you could find me hitting the streets of Silver Springs or even on the base of Walter Reed.

2. Fostered new friendships:
I signed up for a Half Marathon and blogged about it. Slowly I gained some new runners readers along the way and lo and behold, one was even from my city! Several weeks later, we met up for our first run, and what grew from a simple running companionship has now evolved into a friendship.

3. Saw a career change:
Miserable at my job, with a horrible 2-hour commute, I sought an escape from the dull everyday. So on a typical boring afternoon a simple Google search brought me to the Girls on the Run website. In less than 2 hours, I had already secured my spot on a local chapter’s 5K planning committee. The following season I Coached an adult as well as girls running team. After just the first session I knew I wanted to Coach and be more than just a volunteer. This past July I became the Program Coordinator for another Girls on the Run council; and just a few weeks ago, I became certified as a Road Runners Club of America Running Coach.

Running is like that security blanket from when you were 3 or 13… It’s been there for me through good times and bad. Welcomed me back with open arms even when I cast it aside many a times.

Thing is, I struggle recalling any major event this past year, almost 2, that didn’t involve running. My love for running has become so much more than just hitting the pavement. It has allowed me, all of the above, as well as landing me this amazing opportunity to share my stories with you.

Regardless of who wins and loses this contest, it’s just been another amazing memory I’ve been given because I decided to lace up my sneakers.

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Rebecca is not a natural born runner, and has not been doing it forever. She started running 5 years ago, when an acquaintance suggested doing the Detroit Free Press Marathon together. She naively agreed and ended up injured and burnt-out without a finishers medal! After several bouts of injuries, she became serious about running injury-free and preventing burn-out. Last January she started slowly with the C25K and ran her first half-marathon this past February.

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4 Responses to "Rebecca: Final Round – Thanks for the Memories"

  1. jan kyff says:

    Congratulations on your career change as running coach!

  2. Anna Kopchia says:

    Congratulations!!! It is so crazy to see you as a woman when the first time I saw you…you were a girl. I know how proud your mom is of you and it is an honor to support you and your cause!!!

  3. Terri McCollum says:

    Great job Rebecca. Glad to hear you are doing well and are hppy. Nice writing.

  4. Matt says:

    Wow, amazing what you’ve gone through–so glad you found running as something to rely on and be a positive force in your life.

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