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Digital Running Club » Uncategorized » Next Great Running Columnist: Final Round

Next Great Running Columnist: Final Round

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Writer’s Choice: The competition heats up as our Final TWO write about a running topic of their choosing…

Who would you like to read more from? Who will inspire, entertain or persuade you? Read what the Final TWO had to say about running, and vote for your favorite writer today!

(Can’t remember who’s who? Read about the Finalists here.)

VOTE for your favorite! Just click the Facebook “like” button above or below your favorite story. You’ll only get one vote per story, but you can help your favorite writer by sharing the story with friends and urging them to vote as well.

Voting for this round will close on Sunday at Noon EST. The contestant with the fewest “likes” at that time will be eliminated from the competition, and the writer with the MOST Likes will be named our Grand Prize Winner and Next Running Columnist! Good luck to our Final 2!

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