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Introducing our newest columnist

We are excited to announce that Tracy Gariepy is the winner of the Next Great Running columnist competition. Tracy will join Coach Brian, Barb Bergerson and Katherine Pennington as a regular writer on During five days of intense voting, Tracy won a back and forth battle with fellow finalist, Rebecca Mubaraz. Her victory marks the end of the competition, which started at the end of July and pitted 6 finalists against each other in a writing contest. Every other week, the finalists submitted columns on various topics and the one with the fewest Facebook “likes” was eliminated from the contest.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the other five finalists: Rebecca Mubaraz, Jenny Couch, Kathy Hutson, Megan Biller and Matthew Bradford. We enjoyed reading everyone’s articles and wish them the best.

Tracy’s column, entitled “Time on feet” will chronicle the busy mom’s deepest thoughts on running and everything related to her training and racing adventures. Look for her first official column to appear in mid September!

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