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2012 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay

We have good news and we have bad news.

The bad news first: There was little interest in our team for the Walt Disney World marathon weekend. We’ve decided to withdraw our team from that event.

The good news:
The Florida Keys Ragnar Relay is the same weekend, and we’re forming a team for that instead. Spots are filling quickly! If you’d like to spend a weekend in January running through Miami, then island hopping all the way down to the southernmost point in the United States in Key West, please join us! We have spots for slower, inexperienced runners and spots for faster, long distance runners too.

If you’re an overnight relay veteran then you’ve got an idea of how much fun this will be. If you didn’t run the Florida Keys relay last year, then you’ll soon learn that we kick it up a notch on the way down to Margaritaville. We’ll start in a beautiful beachfront park in Miami and wind our way through scenic neighborhoods before heading out to the Everglades and then down to Key Largo. From there, it’s an island hopping adventure and we follow the overseas highway into Key West for the big finish and a party on Duvall Street. It’s scenic and FUN!

Our team is not competing for the win, but we’re certainly competing to be the most spirited! This is an awesome opportunity to share an adventure with fellow runners of all skill levels. The amazing memories we make will certainly last a lifetime.

We are now officially recruiting. So, don’t delay. Read all about it and join us today!

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