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Digital Running Club » Uncategorized » Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon – Race Recap

Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon – Race Recap

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we’re giving you like 20,000 words worth of recap for the Disney Wine & Dine half marathon weekend. A great time was had by all and some even ran great times! The course was fun and the after party was worth the effort. Here’s a look at the weekend from our perspective:

After a team breakfast Saturday morning, we headed to the race expo on Saturday afternoon.

Coach Brian successfully held off six of the seven dwarves down the finishing stretch.

Digital Running Club runner, Sandy checks in for her race packet

"Team Mom", Raffi shows off her Bondi Band in front of the Bondi Band Booth

Coach Brian hangs with Heather of Running with Sass at the Running Skirts booth.

Coach Brian and Sandy figure out how to send text updates to all their fans

Coach Brian's uniform laid out on the bed before the race.

Sandy was a little more color coordinated (even the gels match)

Bucking tradition, Coach Brian and Sandy visit the winner's circle before the race

Then everyone went and ran a race or somethng.

Coach Brian enjoys a cold brew by the Epcot fountain after finishing 108th overall.

A jubilent Tracy kisses husband and relay partner Rob after crushing her leg of the relay.

Coach Brian gets some Tracy love after working with her for only three weeks.

Coach Brian and Sandy enjoy a moment by the Epcot fountain

Raffi and Tracy show off their Bondi Bands.

Coach Brian meets up with Sara (@5littleindians) in a dark alley in Morocco

The next day, we hung out with Duffy, who tried to steal Coach Brian's medal

Raffi and Saudade show off their Bondi Bands

Coach Brian samples some of the cusine in Singapore

Some people needed to relax at the end of the long weekend


Thanks to all who came out to join us! We hope to see you all for another running adventure soon!

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One Response to "Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon – Race Recap"

  1. Heather says:

    It was so nice to meet yall at the wine and dine expo, thanks for stopping by the running skirts booth! Hope to catch yall at another race soon!

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