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Top Exercise Walking Apps of 2012

3 smart phone apps that will quicken your step!

Are you just re-entering the workout world? Maybe you’ve had a prior knee injury due to athletic sports? Well, walking is probably the ideal exercise to set you on track with your fitness goals. The low impact sport of walking, and the following smart phone apps (which can be downloaded on your iPhone or Android devices like the T-Mobile LG phones), help you find walking route maps, and keep track how many steps you’ve walked (like a pedometer), or how many calories you’ve burned a week after all of your daily jaunts.

Here are the top three exercise walking apps of 2012:

1. iTreadmill: Pedometer Ultra w/ PocketStep ($1.99 – for iPhone)

The iTreadmill: Pedometer Ultra w/PocketStep app was given two thumbs up from popular weight loss programs like Weight Watchers and Women’s Health Magazine. This highly-effective step tracking app records all of your walking info—including amount of steps, distance, calories burned, time elapsed, speed, and pace. With its easy-to-navigate interface this app is super easy to use during your walks or hikes.

2. Walkmeter ($1.99 – for iPhone)

The Walkmeter app is a GPS-enabled fitness tracker that records all the vital details of your fitness program—and provides motivation to challenge you to push further in your health journey. Take this app with you on walks, runs, or hikes and track your favorite walking routes (without the hassle of having to log onto a website), your pace, your speed, your distance, and your times. The Walkmeter app visually tracks your walking progress using the software’s maps and graphs so you can view it whenever you need motivation or share it on your social networks (i.e., Facebook) for motivation from friends.

3. RunningMap Trackometer (Free – from Android)

I know the title of this app has running in it, but the RunningMap Trackometer isn’t limited to runners. This app is for athletes or outdoor enthusiasts of all kind, who want to log their runs, walks, hikes, bikes, or rollerblading routes. Running Map uses your smart phone’s GPS tool to records the details of your workouts—your speed, distance, elevation, walk duration, pace, and calories burned. Plus, when you’re done a workout your route will automatically appear on the detailed map so you can share your favorite routes with friends and ask them to join you, or even upload a review with pictures.

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Pearlie Davis is a staff writer for GoingCellular, a popular site that provides cell phone news, commentary, and reviews.

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