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Fun Gadgets for the Runner on Your Holiday List

If you have a runner on your holiday list this year, get excited! There are so many great gadgets you can get them to help with their training. You may need to pick up two of each so you have one for yourself!

MP3 Player. There are so many devices out there these days, but one of the best is still the iPod shuffle because it’s so portable. It clips right onto your shorts so that you barely notice it’s there and the price point of $49 is great. You can’t control what songs you’re listening to quite as easily, but if you put one big playlist of songs on there and start it up, you’ll be ready to go. The battery life on it is great too!

Garmin Watch. There are a ton of different models of GPS watches so you can purchase these in all different price ranges. These watches link up with satellites to see exactly where you are so that your favorite runner can keep track of a perfect five-mile route no matter where he is. The data is also easily uploaded to a computer for cool analysis.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit. This kit is compatible with the iPad Nano and certain Nike sneakers and similarly to the Garmin, helps you keep track of your pace, distance and other key metrics. It even gives you info on your stats through your headphones as you run.

Filtered water bottle. Runners need water and the best and cheapest way to refill is to have a water bottle that filters tap water for you. Brita and other brands offer BPA-free water bottles for $10 or less that will leave your runner with fresh, clean water to keep them hydrated!

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Annie Idea is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes financial savings tips on the short term loan website, QuickQuid, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.

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