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Getting Goofy: Friends at the Finish

At the 2013 Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, Digital Running hosted a meetup with Megan Biller, author of Magical Miles: The Runner’s Guide to Walt Disney World. There we met Brittany, who had traveled to Florida from Illinois where she works at Running Central, and was now halfway through her Goofy Challenge.

The Goofy Challenge involves running the Donald Duck Half Marathon on Saturday and the Mickey Mouse Full Marathon the next morning, Sunday. When you complete both, you get a third race medal with Goofy on it, because you have to be plain Goofy to run a half and full back to back!

Because we met on Saturday evening, Brittany had run her Half Marathon that morning and had stories to tell, and was nervously awaiting her full marathon the following morning.

Here she tells her touching half marathon story and explains how she put together her Minnie Mouse running costume.

brittanyDisneyHM074141_811“I have a story of determination to tell. At mile 10 of the half marathon, I was enjoying every minute of my run when I came upon Christina. Her face was pale with fatigue and her shoulders looked like they were carrying the weight of every racer on the course. I slowed my pace and matched her stride. She said she had caught the flu the night before and was battling her own body, just trying to keep running. To make things worse, her running partner had left her behind.

I could not let her finish alone, or worse drop out of her second ever half. So, I dropped pace and ran her all the way to the end – shouting words of encouragement and diverting her thoughts from pain and fear. And she finished! Beyond helping a fellow runner accomplish a huge goal, I feel like I made a friend. I gave Christina a big sweaty hug at the end of the race, and the race photographers got a photo of us running together with the big EPCOT ball of Spaceship Earth behind us. It was so neat! We runners have to stick together!

I only hope that other runners and walkers are always willing to lend an extra hand, because you never know when YOU might need one.

And about the costume…

IMG_20130112_052426_674“My Minnie Mouse costume took a lot of thought. For one thing, all runners have thighs and arm pits. And guess what, they are going to rub and no one wants to run any kind of mileage in pain. At Halloween, I went to a huge costume warehouse in search of the perfect Minnie Mouse costume that would be appropriate for the race in both function and taste. I knew this one piece costume was it. The skirt was just below my natural waist to allow for a nutrition belt, and there was no fabric under the arms to cause friction.

But I have to say that the best part of my costume was the Body Glide. I recommend the product to all runners for areas of friction. I put it wherever the costume had a seam, including the waist and around my thighs where the attached crinoline could get scratchy. And guess what! No chaffing whatsoever. Add a pair of spandex shorts and a sports bra underneath – and voila! My hairdo was fun to plan too. I had long enough hair so that I made “Minnie ears” by way of braided buns and then added a sparkly Sweaty Band.

Be cautious when running in costumes. I made sure nothing moved, nothing rubbed and nothing popped out of place.

I have to give props to those who wore costumes during the Full Marathon. I decided to wear tested and tried running clothes that I absolutely love, and added a gorgeous tiara that already had hair combs on it and called myself a “Goofy Princess”. The combs worked well with an iconic princess bun, and everyone called me “Princess” during the race. I felt so special! Even the Cast Members and crew called me “Princess”.


Thank you Digital Running for a wonderful afternoon of friendship, running and advice.”

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One Response to "Getting Goofy: Friends at the Finish"

  1. Kathy says:

    I just wanted to let you know how proud we are of you. I love the fact that you know who you are and where you want to be.

    John and Kathy

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