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Catching up with Lance Delgado & The Badass Bash

lance The Basics: 29 year old Lieutenant for a fire department in Fort Myers, FL, and Race Director of the upcoming Badass Bash.

Why do you run?

The reason I run is because it gets me outside. I never do the treadmill or elliptical, I like to see the neighborhood I live in.

When do you prefer to run?

I prefer to run in the am before the day starts. It always clears my head and has a quietness to it.

When/Where was your best run ever?

My best run ever was at a Disney half that I did several years ago. It was great because prior to that my longest run had only been 9 miles.

What is your biggest running disaster/embarrassing moment?

My most embarrassing moment in my race history was when I came 4th in an international distance triathlon… out of 4 people in my category!

What are your current running goals?

My goals are simple. Just keep on chugging.

We hear you have a new race coming up – what are the details?

The Badass Bash is a 4.8 mile race with over 20 obstacles. We even have a night race!! We themed the obstacles each mile to fire, police and military personnel – and the last mile is the “Badass Mile”. We also have 4 charities honoring each public service. It’s April 13, 2013, at The Redneck Yacht Club in Punta Gorda, FL. It includes a Kick Butt Kid’s Bash. Oh, and BEER afterwards – beer and a muddy ol’ afterparty. Watch for info and specials on our Facebook page. Digital Running readers can save $10 on a bash entry with code BADASSDIGITALRUNNING.


How did this race come about?

lances mud runAfter doing plenty of tris, marathons and obstacle runs. I figured my area of southwest Florida was lacking a mud run.

Who is this race meant for?

The race is for our community to get together first and foremost. Any skill level can conquer this course. You will complete obstacles or you will not, you will face fears or you will not. But you give your inner badass the opportunity to make yourself better and strive for more. Plus, with the motivation from others, all can be accomplished.

We have 4 charities benefiting for Florida police, fire and military personnel. 100% of the proceeds from our Kick Butt Kids Bash is going to a charity called Caleb’s Crusade, which benefits pediatric cancer – our “future Badasses”, if you would.

There is no prize winner – except the community and the charities. We do not even call it a race, it’s a battle for your inner badass. 

What are your best tips for first time obstacle-course runners?

Don’t get flipped out or worried. It is a great community of people always trying to help one another. No judging or putting down. Just plain old fashioned camaraderie.

What obstacles were you faced with that you did not expect when first organizing a race?

Whoa!!! There were so many, from water to volunteers. From building supplies to live entertainment. From social media to promoting.

What do you bring to every race?

As a racer I always bring powder just in case. As a race director… the same!

Digital Running readers can save $10 on a bash entry with code BADASSDIGITALRUNNING!


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