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2 New Challenges

If you’ve been following our Facebook banter all weekend, you’ll know that we’re introducing 2 new challenges for 2014. Before we reveal those challenges, however, there’s a little unfinished business with this year’s Interstate Challenge – the medal. For two months, we’ve had nothing but a shadowy representation of the first ever Interstate Challenge medal, but now we’ve got the real thing:


The Interstate Medal is 3.5″ from top to bottom and 3.5″ from one end of the banner to the other.

We’ve also got a list of people who’ve already completed the challenge. If you’re on that list, your medal will be in the mail shortly.

Now, on to the new challenges. In addition to the 2014 edition of the Interstate Challenge, we also challenge you to diversify your distances. So, we’re introducing the Hat Trick Challenge and the Grand Slam Challenge. Each challenges involves racing 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon and Marathon distances. Completing the Hat Trick Challenge involves completing any three of the four different distances. In order to complete the Grand Slam Challenge, you must complete all four of the distances. Grand Slam Challenge participants are automatically entered into the Hat Trick Challenge. Those who complete the Grand Slam Challenge will receive both the Grand Slam and the Hat Trick medal.

Registration for both challenges will open up this summer. Check out the official rules: Hat Trick Challenge, Grand Slam Challenge.

Note that if you complete the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World in January, you will also meet the requirements for the Hat Trick and Grand Slam Challenges – resulting in a total haul of 8 medals in one weekend! We’ll be hosting a post race party at Splitsville*, Downtown Disney on Sunday evening after the Walt Disney World marathon to celebrate and award participants with their medals. All are welcome to attend (even if you’re not racing that weekend). Stay tuned to our Facebook page for up to the minute announcements.

If you are running, log into our Members Area (registration is quick, easy and free) to access our discount code for the marathon weekend.

*Party location has not been finalized and is subject to change.

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Brian Darrow is a running coach in St. Petersburg, FL who specializes in online coaching for beginners. Follow him at

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