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Introducing How Now Spotted Cow

Ragnar Relay Chicago 2013 team how now spotted cow

On June 7, 2013, How Now Spotted Cow will hit the starting line of the Madison to Chicago Ragnar Relay in Madison, WI. We will traverse nearly 200 miles through Wisconsin and Illinois before finally ending on Montrose Beach in Chicago.

Here’s a brief introduction to the team:

Van #1

normaRunner #1 Norma is excited to be running her second Ragnar Relay which will be passing a block from her own back yard! She has been running for a year and half now and achieved her first half marathon goal before turning the not so welcomed age of 40. She’s a designer by trade and mom to two awesome kids, Sebastian(10) and Lily(7).

She first heard of Ragnar when the 2012 Madison/Chicago teams rudely disrupted her Saturday morning running route! ;) She ran with them anyway for a block or two before heading separate ways! Little did she know she would be invited by a blast from the past Anj Mann aka Anji Maslouski, to sign up for the Miami/Keywest Ragnar just a couple months later! She loved running her first Ragnar and hopes to make this annual event!

When Norma is not complaining about work, she is usually laughing with her coworkers, friends and kids or hubby. She enjoys traveling, biking and hiking, and everything else her kids demand of her!

TomSmithRunner #2 Tom is a conundrum. At 55 he is clearly the senior member of this and most teams, his brain and energy think he is still in his 30’s. This disconnect between body and mind have led to more running injuries in the past few years than he is comfortable telling anyone, including Dr. Phil. An avid runner since junior high school, he competes in numerous races in the Chicago area and is proud of his Marathon best of 3:03:15. When not running, and having to do the unimportant day job, Tom coaches managers and directors at his major corporation (well, not totally his) on how to be more effective in their roles. His goals for his first Ragnar include running hard, not developing a new injury, grabbing the first beer at the finish line and not being the next You Tube sensation.

AnjieRunner #3 Anjie had never been a runner nor did she plan to become one. She made a 2012 new years resolution to get off her butt after 6 years of packing on the pounds while raising kids, so she signed up for Zumba and got on the treadmill. She started out walking, ran a little. But at the hands of her 4-year old and a little help from Lightening McQueen, the treadmill broke. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, she had to go outside – and outside is where she caught the bug. Her goal was a 5k, but then she was invited to run a little race in Key West called Ragnar. With this goal in mind she ditched the Zumba and upped the mileage, eventually running a half marathon that October, 3 days after turning 40.

Since then, she has run several races including an 8k, 10k, a 10k trail run, a 10 mIler and The Warrior dash. She is very much looking forward to her next Ragnar experience, running from Madison back home. Anjie lives in Northbrook, IL, with her husband, Jeff and her two boys, Jett-6 and Brody-4. She works in downtown Chicago and often runs along the lake on her lunch breaks. If she’s not in her Brooks (or sitting at her desk at work), she’s probably on her mountain bike, on her snowboard, in a kayak, chasing kids or drinking wine (maybe one more than the others). Where you will not find her, is Zumba class-it wasn’t pretty.

sethRunner #4 Seth has been on the run since he was in diapers. Born and raised in the ATL, he now lives in Chicago working as a consultant traveling the world advising companies in the life sciences and consumer products industries. When visiting a new country/state/city, you can usually find him at a local CrossFit gym, getting lost running around the city, or mastering his eating skills by consuming large amounts of food. For fun he likes to work on perfecting his dancing skills, however his friends believe it is a lost cause.

He recently completed his first marathon and triathlon in Chicago and is always on the lookout of how he can challenge himself further trying to push his body to the limit physically and mentally. When he first heard of the Ragnar Relay, he knew instantly that this would be a new challenge he would want to do and expects this to be the first of many Ragnar events which he will compete in!

meganRunner #5 Megan is a Wisconsin native. She is an IT Developer by day and an eccentric hobbiest by night. True to her Midwestern roots, she has a passion for the game of curling, which takes up most of her winter. In the summer, she has found that staying as busy as possible is the best method for passing time until it’s curling season again. Not being a natural born runner, Megan ran her first mile in 2011, and since then has run a wide variety of events including the 2012 Great River Ragnar Relay and two half-marathons. Fueled by those successes, she has branched out to biking, canoeing and kayaking. In 2013, her goals include the Chicago and Great River Ragnar Relays, attempting her first century ride, completing in the Madison Paddle & Portage, and combining all three activities in two adventure triathlons.

As if that wasn’t enough, Megan has also been known to try her hand at bow hunting, camping, indoor rock climbing, indoor mountain biking, cooking, adventure racing, dog training, disc golf, competitive BBQ judging, snowshoeing, quilting, and pretty much any other opportunity that comes her way.

sheilaThis is Runner #6 Sheila’s Summer of Love, where she is maximizing her travels and adventures. Besides Ragnar, Sheila’s summer plans include hiking in the Rocky mountains, avidly practicing yoga, relaxing at a lake cabin in the Wisconsin Northwoods, watching a rock concert from a Wrigley rooftop, attending the wedding of dear friends in Cape Cod, enjoying the music at Lollapolooza, beer tasting in Seattle, running a half marathon and grilling out whenever possible.

When not living the life, Sheila works as a ninja. This will be her third 200 mile van-based relay experience.

Van #2

Runner #7 Terie has been a crazy high-school science teacher for the past 15 years, and teachers at a small high school near Rockford, Illinois. She is relatively new to running, starting two years ago to add some variety to her workouts as well as to make sure that a 16-year smoking habit didn’t rear its ugly head again. Since then she has run many 5ks, a few more 10Ks, several half-marathons, a marathon and the Chicago and Tennessee Ragnar Relay with Digital Running’s Lower Wacker Gang and Dark Side of the Moonpie!

When she’s not running around the country roads near her house being chased by farm dogs or startling livestock, she can usually be found chained to her computer writing something for her students, blogging about teaching, wasting time on Pinterest, or serving as primary slave to her two dogs, Sasha and Emma. She has been married to her dogs’ secondary slave, David, for 9 years.

deniseRunner #8 Denise ran her 5K at the age of 30. It was a natural progression given her love for cooking and food! “Slow and steady finishes the race” is her mantra.

Denise tries to spend as much time as possible in the Colorado Rockies. Her true aspiration is to be a ski bum. But until she finds that family trust fund, she enjoys time with her cheesehead husband and being a physical therapist in the Chicago burbs.

This is her first Ragnar. It was by shear coincidence that she joined the Digital Running team. Being a chronic insomniac makes her a good match for this event. She is looking forward to spending 2 days with complete strangers. (Her only connection to Ragnar was sidelined with stress fractures!) She is just hoping none of them are on the America’s Most Wanted List.

justinBy day, Runner #9 Justin is a Payroll Specialist in Mendota Heights, MN. He also does weekend warrior duty in the Army Reserve as a Human Resources Officer in Des Moines, IA. Justin does not shop at the Mall of America.

This is Justin’s fourth Ragnar, and third with the Digital Running team. The first with the Digital Running crew was the Chicago 2012 Ragnar – where the 100+ degree temperatures doubled everyone’s pace times. To prepare for a return of summer running fun, Justin has been training in snowdrifts deep into the month of May.

Justin’s running past includes two sprint triathlons and multiple 10 and 5ks. But his favorite events are Ragnars and duathlons. By the time Chicago Ragnar 2013 rolls around, he will already have two duathlons completed with four more scheduled for the year. Justin is also running the Las Vegas Ragnar in November and is a candidate for the world famous Digital Running Interstate Challenge medal with three half-marathons planned.

Justin thinks Digital Running’s training plan for this particular Ragnar was inadequate due to the lack of beer and cheese required for this event. Justin modified the plan to incorporate these items and his run times will reflect appropriately.

Justin is married to fellow Ragnarian and Digital Running member, Heather. They are proud parents of two American Shorthair cats, Blackberry (Tuxedo) and Lilly (Tortoiseshell).

Runner #10 Whitney bio coming soon.

Runner #11 Bob bio coming soon.

brianTeam Captain and runner #12 Brian grew up playing volleyball in the Midwest. He was talked into his first marathon in 2007, by a bourbon drinking, smoking graphic designer he met in a hotel bar in Atlanta. He is now an avid runner who e-coaches adults across the United States while coaching Jr. High and High School athletes in Cross Country and Track & Field at a small private school in Florida.

In his spare time, Brian enjoys driving sketchy white vans, decorating with Christmas lights and long runs with strangers in the middle of the night. He has a Ph.D. in Oceanography with a specialty in numerical modeling and has a mean Ragnar-estimated-times spreadsheet (Email us for a copy.) This is Brian’s 4rd Ragnar Relay of 2013 and the 15th of his overnight relay career. He lives in St. Petersburg, FL, with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog, Kaboodles.

Van #1 Support Staff:

Team Mom Raffi has over 16 years of Mommy-ing under her belt. She sorts out the details & graphic design for our events, and makes sure the water bottles are kept on ice. As the online Editor of, her years of writing, marketing & graphic design experience come in handy. Her past experience includes stints with Mercury Records, Rolling Stone magazine and the St. Petersburg Times. Raffi is kind of a health nut, and loves Yoga, dark chocolate, Disney and reading. She lives in Florida with her husband and two teenage daughters. This is her 14th time not running Ragnar.

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Brian Darrow is a running coach in St. Petersburg, FL who specializes in online coaching for beginners. Follow him at

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  1. Kelly R says:

    Mooooove on over Team Blister foot coming through! Thanks for keeping us entertained and for spotting us!

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