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Introducing the TaHoes and TaBros

On July 19, 2013, the TaHoes and the TaBros hit the starting line of the Tahoe Ragnar Trail Relay at the Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort in CA. We traversed over 135 miles along treacherous trails and up steep ski runs, and hung out at a camping parking lot village with the other Ragnar teams.


Here’s a brief introduction to the team:


Monica photo 2Runner Monica was a Ragnar virgin — sort of. After driving a van for Digital Running’s Ragnaritaville team in Key West this year, she decided that she simply must run one. Running for fun is a far cry from where her mindset was years ago. After one particularly grueling basketball practice that pretty much consisted of all suicides, she distinctly remembers seeing people running on the sidewalk on the way home. She disgustedly asked her dad, “Ugh, why would anyone EVER run for fun?!?”

Fast forward five years and she was doing her first marathon. Originally from North Carolina, Monica found her way to the Sunshine State and has made it home. Her job however, keeps her traveling all over the world.

kirstenSierra 1Runner Kirstin “Mac” hates running… by herself. She had run a few half marathons with friends, and saw Ragnar as a way to diversify her running experience with something that had even more social interaction!! After participating in her first Ragnar in 2009, she’s done 2-4 a year since then. There is nothing like running 200 miles as a team, dressed in banana costumes for every mile, to get you addicted to the Ragnar experience!

She works for the US Coast Guard, driving boats and conducting search and rescue missions. When not working or running Ragnars, she enjoys chasing flying plastic or tossing around the flat ball, sometimes referred to as playing Ultimate Frisbee.

tamara2079093894_nRunner Tamara grew up in Michigan but left the gray-air state for Sunny Colorado when she was just a young and impulsive 20-year-old. Well, some things never change because the trend continued. After only 6 years there, she packed up her life and headed west and landed in southern California along with the rest of the world. There she enjoys everything outdoors—who wouldn’t with such beautiful weather all the time! She’s been running her whole life… from nothing in particular. She leads an active lifestyle (when not working like a maniac) and enjoys healthy living. It was about 4 years ago that she began “seriously” running and making bigger goals for herself. And then she met Mr. Ragnar. It was love at first sight. Currently, she’s training for her first full marathon—cue positive vibes from you… thanks.

When she’s not “playing hard” she’s “working hard”, saving lives as a critical care RN. So, nobody better be passing out in Tahoe cuz she’ll be OFF DUTY! Deal?

Her other ‘loves’ are music, animals, and just getting out and living life and making new friends. Cheers to that!

Runner Michelle is 36 and lives in Grapevine, Texas. Napa Valley Ragnar with Digital Running was Michelle’s 3rd Ragnar event. Although she has been an avid gym junkie since college, she did not start running until age 30. That year she set the bar very high and was able to complete her first full marathon! Initially, she trained for all of her races on her own, but after two years of peace and solitude, she joined the running club at Luke’s Locker in Colleyville, Texas, a decision which has changed her life in many positive ways. Through the summer heat and the chill of winter, the friendships that have evolved have made her Saturday morning runs a staple in Michelle’s weekly routine. In the fall of 2011, Michelle spread her fitness wings and made “Crossfit” the new normal in her continued desire to live a healthy and active life. Through 2011, Michelle’s running resume consists of 9 marathons and countless half marathons. Michelle has also set her sights on completing her first half Ironman in Austin this October.

Friends and Co-workers have learned never to be surprised when they ask Michelle about her weekend plans. One weekend she might fly to Chicago with friends for pizza and beer, while other weekends might be spent running all night long with 11 total strangers! When not running the trails or riding the streets, Michelle loves her day job as Aircraft Dispatcher for a major airline.

Runner Maria simply likes to run. Maria lives in St. Louis, MO, and is a busy Mom of two fantastic kids. She started running in 2008, in an effort to get active. To her great surprise she actually loved it! Physical benefits aside, she finds it a great stress reliever and thoroughly enjoys the camaraderie of the running community. In April of this year, Maria took a “run-cation” with a pal to Northern California for the Silverado half marathon. It was the most scenic path with a great finish party spot! Upon her return home, Maria began researching events in the Napa area looking for any excuse to head back. She stumbled across the Napa Valley Ragnar Relay. For a runner with a touch of insomnia, whose favorite distance is the half, in the ideal location… perfection! After trading a few emails with Digital Running – bam – it was a done deal! This will be her 3rd Ragnar with them.

Maria puts her law degree to work as the Director of Procurement and University Contracts at Webster University. She enjoys a good meal (hence the running), bad music (have you heard her running playlist?) and the company of great friends.

Runner Miranda says:

“I’m an Aussie who has lived in the US for nearly 8 years.
I live in Las Vegas due to my Career in Gaming.
I plan on doing many more Ragnars, that way I can see parts of America while challenging myself and keeping fit.
I was a long distance runner in primary school and never really took it up again until after I had my second child.
I honestly can’t wait to see what Tahoe has to offer in terms of the Trail runs and the beautiful surroundings!”


brianTeam Captain Brian Darrow from Digital Running grew up playing volleyball in the Midwest. He was talked into his first marathon in 2007, by a bourbon drinking, smoking graphic designer he met in a hotel bar in Atlanta. He is now an avid runner who e-coaches adults across the United States while coaching Jr. High and High School athletes in Cross Country and Track & Field at a small private school in Florida.In his spare time, Brian enjoys driving sketchy white vans, decorating with Christmas lights and long runs with strangers in the middle of the night. He has a Ph.D. in Oceanography with a specialty in numerical modeling and has a mean Ragnar-estimated-times spreadsheet (Email us for a copy.) He lives in St. Petersburg, FL, with his wife, two teenage daughters and their dog, Kaboodles.

This is Brian’s 7th Ragnar Relay of 2013 and the 17th of his overnight relay career.

rockthenight_2013-205Runner Brian F. grew up in beautiful Colorado, running trails and enjoying being outside. After moving away to college in Kansas City, MO Brian took advantage of the cafeteria and social scene and quickly put on 50 pounds. After a couple years of this and not being able to run a mile without stopping, he decided that being obese wasn’t a good look for him and started running again. Brian graduated from William Jewell College in 2012 with a degree in Chemistry and currently works as a healthcare consultant based out of Kansas City. In the last 3 years, he has completed numerous half marathons, 2 fulls, and most recently his first 50K. While this is Brian’s first Ragnar, he was first introduced to relay running at the Wild West Relay (Ft Collins to Steamboat), and also completed the Heartland Relay (Des Moines to Omaha) this past May. His running goals for the rest of this year include going down to the Bahamas for an 18 mile race, and hopefully either running in the low 3:20’s for the full or completing his first 50 miler. Outside of running and traveling for work Brian is very sarcastic, loves to read, and enjoys an occasional Old Fashioned.

Brian CRunner Brian C. is the 3rd Brian of this team on his 3rd Digital Running Ragnar. We’re pretty sure he ran hard through the Napa Valley, but the only picture we could find was the one with the beer!

christian8118796_nRunner Christian has always been a bit Nomadic, though he has settled in LA after moving there from Boulder, CO, 14 years ago to finish college and pursue Firefighting. He eared his BA at UCSB, his career as a Firefighter was short lived, though he continues to work year round and seasonally as an Ocean Lifeguard for LACo FD for the past 13 years. Residential Real Estate is his new chosen profession.

“I have a new love affair with my health and fitness and CrossFit is the catalyst. CrossFit fits in and compliments so many aspects of my life and a lifestyle I enjoy. I have always enjoyed endurance sports and running has taken on a new life for me in the past two years and I am enjoying training and competing again since I burned out in my 20’s. I love Ragnar because it’s a great way to train, travel, see the US and meet like minded people.”

In the winter his focus turns to skiing – his biggest love and the sport he has enjoyed the longest. This will be his first time to Tahoe.

dantheman165429_nDan “The Man” is a 34 year old single dad of two wonderful boys (6 and 8). He served in the Marine Corps from 1999 to 2003, before moving into the field of casino surveillance. After leaving the Marines, Dan vowed never to run again if he wasn’t being chased. But with time comes perspective, and Dan realized it wasn’t the running he hated – it was military formation runs he hated. Then he heard a good friend discussing her experiences in running her first half marathon and her first Ragnar Relay. Impressed by her growing collection of medals and stories of camaraderie, Dan wondered if he could ever muster the inner fortitude to earn a medal himself. So in 2012 after 8 years without running, Dan hit the pavement once again. It was a humble beginning with Dan barely being able to clear a mile without collapsing. In time though he began to find his old running legs again. By September of 2012, Dan had been inspired to complete his first half marathon and had volunteered for his friend in the 2012 Ragnar Northwest Passage. Dan felt the energy in the air that night and challenged himself to run in the same event next year. Now in 2013 with two half marathon medals displayed proudly on his wall, Dan has experienced his first Ragnar Relay and is on to his first Ragnar Trail Relay. Let the adventure begin!

Runner Bart started running years ago in the 1990s when he joined the USMC. He’s been running ever since, and has participated in numerous races including marathons – though those are his least favorite distance. Though he never stopped running, only recently has he resumed “racing”. He has participated in two Ragnars so far this year (SoCal Ragnar and the Zion Trail) and is looking forward to running in many more!

“Once you can accept the universe as being something expanding into an infinite nothing which is something, wearing stripes with plaid is easy.”
– Albert Einstein

Runner Ben mainly ran at first to get the “ole ticker” beating fast for a few minutes and to run off a beer belly that he had developed after discovering that he can make my own brew! We hear that he makes a mean IPA so we recruited him immediately. It turns out that now Benjamin really enjoys running. What he likes most about it is the “runners high” after a long run. He also likes viewing the scenery when running in new places. He has run in several 5ks and a half-marathon to date. His first Ragnar was in Tennessee with Digital Running.

Benjamin is a pharmacist by trade and has practiced in the profession for about 7 years. He has a beautiful family – his wife and two sons are the joys of his life. Sometimes his sons race with him as well. They love living in Franklin, TN, and are super excited that the Tennessee Ragnar makes a brief visit through their town!

DanRunner Dan grew up running in garbage bags, wetsuits, several pairs of sweatshirts, or anything else that would make him sweat buckets in order to cut weight for wrestling. Naturally, he intensely grew to hate running in all its soaked, sloppy misery. But later, as the years and pounds added up, he decided to give it one more go. Eventually, he ran his first 5K in a little more than an hour. And as the old women who finished before him slapped Dan high fives before clutching their walkers, he felt a new sense of euphoria. Slowly, he kept at it and a couple of years later, eventually found himself standing on a sidewalk staring at a magnificent silhouette of a man, gilded by the surging sunrise. A shining halo fluttered about a bald head – Coach Brian, the Team Captain. With the help of Coach Brian, the miles got longer, his shorts got shorter, and his shoes got lighter.Dan is now trying his hand at triathlons.

Dan is a high school English teacher with a penchant for costumes. He can be found teaching literature as he leads his classes through speed work while simultaneously reading texts like Ironman, A Long Way Gone, and On the Road. Many believe that his are the fastest classes in Florida; however, it must be acknowledged that any challenge is met with a distant gaze and the silent muttering of the end of a Robert Frost poem, “… but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep.”

This is Dan’s 2nd Ragnar with Digital Running.

Support Staff

Team Mom Raffi has over 16 years of Mommy-ing under her belt. She sorts out the details & graphic design for our events, and makes sure the water bottles are kept on ice. As the online Editor of, her years of writing, marketing & graphic design experience come in handy. Her past experience includes stints with Mercury Records, Rolling Stone magazine and the St. Petersburg Times. Raffi is kind of a health nut, and loves Yoga, dark chocolate, Disney and reading. She lives in Florida with her husband and two teenage daughters. This was her 16th time not running Ragnar. If you were there, she may have cleared your plate at dinner or gave you s’mores supplies.

Bondi Band

Digital Running teams are proudly sponsored by Bondi Band. Check out the killer discount in the green box above!

Here’s why we love Bondi Bands:

1) they soak up sweat

2) they keep hair & wind out of your eyes and ears

3) they keep headphones in your ears

4) while at Ragnar, you can slide them over your nose in the port-a-john

5) you can also slide them over your eyes when you try to nap in the van!

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  1. adina says:

    Hope you all have a wonderful race tomorrow… so jealous! Cannot wait to see pictures!

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