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Digital Running Club » Recipes » Chocolate Avocado Power Pudding

Chocolate Avocado Power Pudding

1 cup of chia seeds
1/2-1 cup of almond milk
1 avocado
ΒΌ cup agave nectar
Optional: 1 tbsp blue green algae powder (Blue Green Manna tablets work great too!)

Soak the chia in the almond milk and stir until they achieve an oatmeal-like consistency. Place the mixture in a food processor with the remaining ingredients and blend. This pudding is literally a meal unto itself and is great when you are on the go but need something packed with nutrition!

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Katherine Pennington is a diet and lifestyle coach, writer, and founder of Be in Balance, which helps women and men lose weight, reduce stress and achieve more balance in their lives. Katherine is also an avid runner and marathoner and also advises athletes on how to fuel for maximum performance and health.

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