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Catching up with Healthy Ashley

The Basics: 24 year old Ashley Stephens, lives in Orlando, FL, and has been blogging as Healthy Ashley for years. Today she has some news to share about a new role she has taken on… Why do you run? I started running because with each mile running would open up what’s possible for me. Every first (first 5k, first 20 mile run, first ultra) showed me I was stronger than I thought. Now I run more to clear my mind and for the sense of accomplishment in the middle of a regular week. When do you prefer to run? I prefer running in the early morning before the day gets busy, but sometimes the snooze button wins and I run early evening. When/Where was your best run ever? My best run ever was my first 20 … Read entire article »

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Seated Twists

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Lying Postures and Pigeon Variation

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