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Digital Running Club » Disney Marathon Weekend

Disney Marathon Weekend

Run with the Digital Running Club

Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend
January 5-8, 2012

disney marathonMake a festive event even more fun by joining us for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Our resident coach, Brian Darrow, will create a customized training planĀ for you that leads from your very own “Point A” through all the fun filled miles at one of the most exciting race weekends around. Benefit from the expertise of someone who has “been there and done that” when it comes to Disney races.

Whether you’ll be run/walking to the finish or zipping to a new personal record, you’ll get experienced guidance customized to your lifestyle, current level of fitness and your goals for the race weekend. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the half marathon, the full marathon or if you’re one of those “Goofy” runners doing both, Coach Brian’s plans are completely customized to you and your goals for the weekend. He’ll even put a plan together for those running the relay.

Get in on the fun!

Sick of running alone on long stretches of road? Let’s face it, even big races like those at Walt Disney World have a few lonely stretches, but imagine spending a fun-filled weekend running with friends, new and old, at one of the most festive places on Earth!

The good times start here at where you can share your training experiences and get to know your teammates long before the marathon weekend arrives through our private forum reserved for Disney Marathon Weekend team members only.

When the big weekend finally arrives, we’ll have organized meet-ups (and maybe a few surprises) everyday. These are great times to celebrate with your teammates and make final plans for the race events themselves. On Saturday and Sunday mornings, our runners will meet up in the staging areas for some last minute team cheer before heading off to our respective starting corrals.

After the races are over, and everyone is well rested, we’ll celebrate together and toast to our accomplishments and new friendships.

Read what one of our team members has to say:

Daphne testimonial

Daphne M., FL

“Our team could not have done it without you. From the team coordination and scheduling to the driving, coaching, laughs & hugs… it was an experience of a lifetime and I am so thankful to have been on a team with you. Thanks for all the hard work you put into getting the team to the start line and back home. I know the hours it takes to pull off something like this… so thank you. I hope our paths cross soon and that there are more adventures together in the future! Thanks so much!”


Reward your hard work!

$18 is all it takes to join the team! Within 48 hours of signing up, coach Brian will contact you and develop your custom training program. You’ll also get access to the online training discussion where you can meet your fellow teammates and discuss your plans and progress online.

$18 per month over the next 4 months gets you continued access to the discussions, access to all the Digital Running Club events during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend and your very own digital running club uniform shirt that will be sure to draw wild cheers from all who see it!

Or, save 10% by paying up front. One simple payment of $80 or 5 installments of $18 each gets you:

  • A Digital Running Tech Shirt
  • Custom Training Plan from Coach Brian
  • Event Timeline (where to be when for the races and meetups)
  • Access to DRC events
  • Pre-race DRC warm up
  • $5 off race registration
Official PayPal Seal $18
per month for 5 months
one time payment
One time payment, no training plan.

Got questions? We’ve got answers!

When and where is the race?

Half marathon: Saturday, January 7, 2012.
Start Time: 5:30 am, Epcot
Entrance to Epcot

Marathon: Sunday, January 8, 2012.
Start Time: 5:30 am, Epcot
Finish: Entrance to Epcot

I’ve never run a marathon or half marathon before. Can I participate?

Absolutely! The Walt Disney World marathon weekend is great for first timers (and you certainly won’t be the only one!) Just about anyone can complete a half marathon or marathon with enough consistent training. Sign up and Coach Brian will have you ready to enjoy your race day. Your training plan is completely customized to you, so even if you’re planning on run/walking to the finish, your plan will get you there.

What am I paying for?

Your 5 monthly payments of $18/ea or one-time fee of $80 gets you:

  • Custom training plan
  • Digital Running Club tech shirt
  • Notification of Digital Running Club events throughout the weekend
  • $5 off race registration

You’ll fill out a detailed questionnaire about your lifestyle, travel plans, exercise experience and race day goals. Then, Coach Brian will put together a training plan tailored to your schedule, ability and realistic goals for the race. Use proven running techniques to improve your endurance and avoid injury! Brian will offer advice on running form, how to stretch, how to fuel up and what to wear when running. Coach Brian will let you know when to do your long runs, or when to introduce speed work. Then he’ll outline your plan for the week of the race with tapering and meal ideas so you hit the Start in top-notch shape. If you follow the plan over the coming months, you’ll show up at the starting line prepared. Race registration is not included.

Is there a fund raising requirement?

No! Though we offer a race weekend experience similar to what you’d find with Team in Training and other charity training groups, there is no fund raising requirement to participate with our team. Simply by paying your entrance fee to the race, you’ll be supporting the race’s beneficiary, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. As a participant of our team, you are NOT required to contribute to our donation, raise your own funds or make an individual donation of any type. We will not ask you for donations. We only ask that you have fun.

How long are the training plans?

The training plans are customized, so yours will be as long as it needs to be to get you where you want to be. It is ideal to give yourself at least 18 weeks of training. The less active you’ve been over the past few months, the more time you’ll need to train.

What is the difference between your plans and the free plans I can find online?

The free plans you find online are generalized plans that pigeon-hole people into various groups – “beginner”, “advanced”, etc. Each of our plans is completely customized. Your plan will be the result of an experienced coach analyzing the information you provide through a detailed questionnaire. Your plan will take into consideration your current fitness level, your work schedule, your travel schedule and your overall goals for race weekend.

Why should I join a team?

Although running is usually considered an individual sport, you’ll find that it’s much more fun when the experience is shared. A team gives you:

  • People to pace with during the race
  • Group encouragement during the lonely stretches of road
  • Shared fans – you get the whole team’s family and friends cheering for you, instead of just yours!
  • People to toast and share stories with after the race

Alone, the finish of a race can be anticlimactic. Celebrate with friends who understand your training and share your sense of accomplishment.

Is there a cap on the size of the team?

Yes. Once we have 150 members for each race, we will no longer accept new team members. Don’t miss your chance to experience the Walt Disney World marathon weekend with a fun group of fellow runners. Just $18 gets you started today!

Official PayPal Seal $18
per month for 5 months
one time payment
One time payment, no training plan.

What happens if I get injured and can’t run?

Unfortunately, our packages are non-refundable. Though the weekend centers on the races, there are many events. We encourage you to come anyway, enjoy the other events and cheer on your teammates as they run. You can still party with them afterward!

Who is this Coach Brian guy?

Brian and Chef Donald DuckBrian Darrow, Ph.D., is an adult running coach and high school track & field coach who lives in St. Petersburg, FL. He is the Founder of the Digital Running Club. Brian arrived on the running scene at the age of 29 when he couldn’t run a full mile without walking. He coached himself to age group victories in several road races, and he was the top local finisher in the 2010 Walt Disney World half marathon. Coach Brian has coached runners both virtually and in person over a wide ability range. He’s coached sedentary individuals to get up and exercise, talented runners to perform their best in competition and everyday people to personal bests in race distances from 1 mile to the marathon. He has also captained 200-mile running relay teams. As a scientist, Coach Brian loves data and takes a scientific approach to running. He models his coaching philosophy after coaching legend Jack Daniels.

But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what others have to say about Coach Brian

Meredith testimonial

Meredith J., FL

“Coach Brian worked with me to develop a training plan that fits my busy schedule. He’s a down to earth and reliable coach who promptly answers my questions with the knowledge of someone who’s experienced it all himself. As a result of working with him, I was able to set a new personal record and break 2 hours in the half marathon for the first time!”

barb testimonial

Barb B., NY

“Coach Brian is a great communicator and a pleasure to have as a coach.”

Question we missed? Just ask!

Don’t Wait, register while space is still available:

Official PayPal Seal $18
per month for 5 months
one time payment
One time payment, no training plan.

All event information is subject to change. The Digital Running Club is not associated or endorsed in any way by Walt Disney World, the Walt Disney Company or any of its sponsors. Purchasers of installment plans that are canceled prior to the 5th payment are not entitled to a technical shirt or participation in Digital Running Club events during the marathon weekend. Purchase of a Digital Running Club team experience neither includes nor guarantees entry into the Walt Disney World marathon, the Walt Disney World half marathon, the Goofy challenge or any other race events. Participation in the races during the Walt Disney World marathon weekend requires a separate registration. We encourage you to register as soon as possible, as Disney races often fill up quickly. We cannot refund the cost of your Digital Running Club package in the event you are unsuccessful in registering for a race during the Walt Disney World marathon weekend. Participation in the Training plans does not guarantee a finishing time.

All payments are securely processed by Paypal. We will use the email address you’ve provided to Paypal to contact you. Please make sure to accept email from, or check your junk mailbox if you do not receive an email from us within 48 hours of your registration. If you do not hear from us, please contact us with a phone number and we’ll call to confirm. We will not sell or disclose your personal information except as required by law. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Please contact us with any other questions.