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Strangers at the Start; Friends at the Finish!

Why run alone? No matter what your speed or goal, you can sign up to run with the Digital Running Club at fun events with a custom training plan from Coach Brian. Event details are also announced on our Facebook page. Like our page today to stay up to date!

Past Events

What is a Ragnar Relay? 12 runners split into 2 vans for an overnight, 200 mile running relay race that makes testing your limits a team sport. Each individual runs 3 legs that vary in difficulty and distance, from 3-12 miles, across some of the country’s most scenic terrain. We run for the fun – crazy costumes, inside jokes and a great finish line party. We’re “Strangers at the start but friends at the finish!” If you need help getting a team of friends or coworkers through a Ragnar Relay from start to finish, we can help! We bring the gear, rent the vans, plan out who runs when, even pre-program the GPS, and you show up for the fun – and run! This is a great team building experience for runners of all levels.

Here’s what one Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage Team Member had to say:

Donald Parker

“I want to say thank you Brain and Raffi for putting such an awesome team together, as well as to the rest of you for making my first Ragnar such a blast. I’m hooked now. I never imagined running with 11 strangers could be so fun.” – Donald “Hulk Hands” Parker, WA

If you are in the Tampa Bay area & want to join us for a group run, sign up to be emailed a notification every time a group run is scheduled. If your club or team is interested in hosting a Digital Running Club running event, or if you need Team Captains to lead your team through a run that is New-To-You, please contact us today.