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We’re working hard on making it easier for you to log your races and get your medals. We’ve included answers to some frequently asked questions here. If your question is not answered here, please contact us.

How do I log my races?

Follow these steps to log your races on or view our video:


I’ve entered my races on, but they don’t seem to count toward my challenges. Why?

There are a few reasons this might happen:

1) Your races won’t count toward your challenges until the results have been verified. If you see a after your race on the “My races” tab, then your result has not yet been verified. It typically takes less than 48 hours to verify results.

2) If you see a after your race on the “My races” tab, then your race has been verified. Make sure that at least one of your qualifying races was run after you signed up for the challenge.

3) If you still believe there is an error and you should have completed the challenge, please contact us.

I’ve signed up for the Interstate Challenge. I ran a race in California and a race in Arizona before I signed up. The “My Challenges” tab says that the challenge is 50% complete, but it is counting the race in California toward the challenge. My third race will also be in California. Will I still get the medal?

Yes. The automated system has no way to know where you will run next so it randomly picks one of the races you ran before you signed up as the 1st of your qualifying races. Once you’ve run a race after signing up for the challenge, it will compare that race to all the others you ran before you signed up for the challenge to determine whether you’ve completed the challenge. In this case, the automated system will see that you ran a race in Arizona before you signed up and ran in California after you signed up and award you the Interstate Challenge medal.