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Etiquette for Runners

Etiquette for Runners

The summer season always brings a lot of new runners to the mix. As beach season begins, training groups form for fall races and new faces appear on the roads, sidewalks and trails. If you fall into the “newbie” category, please know that you are welcome! Most of us who’ve been running for some time thoroughly enjoy sharing our sport with newcomers and we recognize your importance to the growth of our favorite activity. Having … Read entire article »

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Ask the Experts: Speeding Up

I’ve been running 5K every other day since I ran my first 5K race on Thanksgiving. I just can’t seem to get my time below 28 minutes. How is it possible for people to run under 20 minutes? Am I just slow? – Jonathon M., St. Petersburg, FL While some people are indeed naturally faster than others, just about anyone can run a 5K in under 20 minutes, given enough of the proper training (the really fast people do it under 16 minutes). We all grew up with the saying “practice makes perfect”. I’m not going to argue with that, but after a certain point, simply running 5K over and over again will yield smaller and smaller results. The trick is to train the individual aspects of your physiology that are required … Read entire article »

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I’ve been running for a long while now and getting used to the pitfalls and perils of the hobby, but there’s one change of thought that has started me thinking. I have never thought of working out as “fun”. In fact, I will go to great lengths to avoid working out, but recently, I have discovered that my attitude towards fitness in general has, somehow, shifted to a much more positive mindset, and it is a great feeling. What I have come to realize is that this process is not just about getting in the habit of showing up at the gym every day– it’s about changing the way I think about why I’m showing up in the first place. When I started this journey, I was determined to lose weight– and, … Read entire article »

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Garbage Running

This entry marks month three of the long (and frustrating) process of getting back into shape. Running is slowly becoming part of the daily routine, and I’m starting to enjoy the zen of the treadmill a little more. I’m a long way from getting back to where I was when I was in really good shape, but my times are getting a little faster and my jeans are a (tiny) bit bigger— progress is progress. (I’m starting to suspect that my love of french fries and steak hibachi are getting in the way of said progress, but I’m more concerned about establishing new, good habits before I start on the old, bad ones). The problem with running right now isn’t necessarily finding the time, or even the motivation. It’s the people. … Read entire article »

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Too Much Information

As a “new” runner, I’ve taken it upon myself to get informed. It seems like a responsible thing to do – check out a few websites, trade some tips and tricks – but the problem that I’ve run into (if you’ll pardon the pun) is the fact that any person with computer access is granted a free and highly public opinion on the interwebs. This wouldn’t be a cause for concern in most cases. Normally, I am a conscientious consumer; but when it comes to running advice, it seems like every person who’s made it around the block without passing out has a secret system that will ensure you better race times, less pain and thousands of adoring fans. Or something like that. However, it seems that some (alright, most) of these … Read entire article »

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Fitting it in: Just the Facts

They tell me that the first step to solving your problem is admitting you have one, and I suppose that there comes a point in each of our lives where you have to stop blaming the dryer for your jeans not fitting. Or ignore it for another four months. In starting this transition from “fat-to-fit”, as it were, I have done a great deal of thinking and I have determined that there are five main reasons as to how and why I got so out of shape. My theory is that by understanding how these factors affect me and looking out for them in the future, at some point, I will be able to run a mile without wanting to die. Mayhaps—and I don’t want to get too crazy— even two … Read entire article »

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5 Weeks to a 5k

Guess what? January is over. (How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along?) Maybe you haven’t been as active as you hoped and you need some extra motivation, or perhaps you’ve just put in four solid weeks of resolution-busting intensity and you’re looking for a way to prove yourself. In either case, a springtime 5K is a good test of your fitness. In many cities, the annual St. Patrick’s Day run marks the beginning of the running season. It often precedes or follows a parade, so you’ve usually got a crowd of people there looking for an excuse to cheer. There’s often beer at the finish (you’ve got to replace all the carbs you lost in the race somehow.) Sometimes it’s free. Frequently, it’s green. I’m sure you’re thinking this all sounds great, but the … Read entire article »

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