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Yoga for Quads

The quadriceps is a group of four (“quad” meaning “four”) anterior muscles that originate at the top of the femur and attach at the tibia: in other words, the muscles on the front of your thigh. These strong muscles work mainly to extend your knee. Notice that bulging mass on the thighs when you lift a kneecap? You’ve found your quads! This muscle group also helps in flexing the hips, like when you bring your knee toward your chest. The quads are so strong because they stabilize the legs, unfolding the knee for each stride and helping launch the entire body forward during a run. Plus, they work doubly hard on hills, taking the brunt of the workout as they propel you up the incline and absorb impact on the decline. When the … Read entire article »

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Yoga for hamstrings

Hamstrings, or any muscles for that matter, are like rubber bands: Without the proper amount of stretching, the band will become inflexible and tear, which is the last thing a runner wants to hear! Luckily, a little Yoga can help maintain flexibility and strength for runners’ hamstrings. The hamstrings comprise three muscles, and their tendons, that run from the sitting bones to the back of the knee. This muscle group’s main job is to flex the knee (like when you bring your foot up to your glutes) and extend the hip (like when you reach your leg straight behind you). Naturally, runners are flexing and extending in this manner consistently and often, not just during runs but while walking, getting up, sitting down, skipping, etc. Incorporating the following sequence before and after … Read entire article »

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A Runner’s Introduction to Yoga

I have been running seriously for just under 2 years. In my first year of distance running I ran 8 marathons, including 2 ultra marathons. My secret for not suffering any injuries with all my miles logged? Yoga. Although running and yoga are often seen as opposites, the two compliment each other quite well.  Yoga balances the mind and balances the body. It adds a dose of strength and flexibility where running might fall short. Just like you would do with running, begin practicing yoga at your own pace. Stretch to the point of mild discomfort and slow down if it begins hurts. Remember to breathe deeply in and out of your nose during your practice. Below are a few good yoga poses for runners to get you started. Lunge  1. Kneel on the floor. 2. Bring … Read entire article »

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