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Training Plans


5 Weeks to a 5k
A 5 week plan for beginners that will have you crossing the finish line with a smile – no matter how long it takes.

Half Marathon

Couch-to-Half-Marathon Training Plan
This plan is for those who have little or no running experience. It’s a 24 week plan that will have the non-runner ready to run or run/walk a half marathon by week 24.

Beginner Half Marathon Training Plan
This plan is for those who have some running experience and would simply like to finish a half marathon. It’s great for runners who’ve enjoyed participating in local 5K races and want to make the jump up to the half marathon.

Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan
If you’ve run a half marathon before and you’d like to improve your time, this is the plan for you! It’s a plan for those who have experience running many different distances.

Advanced Half Marathon Training Plan
This plan is for experienced runners who are very interested in improving their half marathon times. Are you there to RACE instead of run? Want to bring home an age group award? It requires a large time commitment, including two runs per day, twice a week.


Couch-to-Marathon Training Plan
A plan is for those who have little or no running experience. It’s a full year training plan that will gradually work you up to “going the distance” in a marathon.

Beginner Marathon Training Plan
This 18 week plan focuses primarily on getting the beginning runner to the finish line, but includes a few speed workouts for those who’ve run one before and have thoughts of improving their time.

Intermediate Marathon Training Schedule
This 18 week training schedule is for experienced runners who don’t necessarily have the time that the advanced plan requires, but are nevertheless serious about improving their time.

Advanced marathon Training Plan
An 18 week training plan for experienced runners who’d like to take a shot at a sub 3 hour time. It’s a huge time commitment and requires a very solid base of fitness.

The Dopey

This Disney Dopey training plan is meant for those attempting to complete the Dopey Challenge during the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. It assumes that you wish only to finish the challenge in the allotted time for each race, without any other specific time goal.

Overnight Cross Country Relay

Overnight Relay Training
If you are running an overnight cross-country type relay, such as a Ragnar Relay, we have some advice for you to prepare your legs for running, sitting in a van, napping on pavement, and then running again. And again.

If you are interested in a custom training plan that works with your ability and schedule, learn more here.